Title:  Executive Director
Reports to:  United Way President and Board of Directors
Full-Time:  Salaried Exempt.  
Salary: $32,000-$42,000 DOQ w/monthly stipend to be determined

Position Summary
The Executive Director serves as the chief professional officer and is responsible for the management, leadership, strategic planning, and fiscal h
ealth of the organization. The Executive Director provides leadership in carrying out the mission of the organization, and leverages the power of r
elationships and networks to work across private, public, and corporate sectors to improve conditions in the community. The Executive Director p
ossesses a high level of broad nonprofit skills and is effective at generating resources and financial support for the organization. The Executive D
irector is responsible for building trust in United Way and its relevance in the community and takes an active role in all public relations for the o

Fund Development
•        Responsible for the planning, organization, and implementation of any United Way or Community Impact Program fundraising.
•        Provide professional assistant to the UWHR Campaign Team, agencies and board.
•        Stay informed and involved on all matters relating to current fundraising programs.
•        Develop ongoing personal contacts and cultivate current and potential donors, corporations and foundations.
•        Solicit contributions from corporations, individuals and foundations.

Relations to Governing Board
•        Keep the board and its members fully informed of the status of the work within the organization including monthly executive director reports w
hich include daily contacts, tasks, and ongoing daily routines.
•        Keep the board and its members informed of communication received by the United Way.
•        Keep the board aware of the latest developments by government and UWW (United Way Worldwide) action affecting the United Way H
eartland Region or similar organizations.
•        Suggest new policies and programs to keep the United Way Heartland Region viable and responsible to changing needs and times.

Community and Agency Relations
•        Develop a sound working relationship with the director/boards of funded agencies by providing consultation regarding their services and p
rograms, budgets, interagency cooperation and current community records.
•        Assist in coordination of community collaboration meetings.

Fund Distribution
•        Provide direction and leadership to the grant application and fund distribution process.
•        Assist the board during the budget allocation process and ensure the allocation of resources in accordance with the board recommendation.

Administrative/Staff Development
•        Oversee operations of Community Impact Programs.
•        See that the business and financial affairs are conducted in accordance with the general standards and requirements of United Way W
orldwide and of the local business community and in conjunction with the standards of applicable regulatory agencies.
•        Manage financial resources in consultation with board treasurer and CPA, including audits, operating budgets, collection and distribution for a
ll funds, property, and official records.
•        Establish and advise the Board of Directors when necessary of organizational plans and policies and procedures to ensure effective operation o
f the United Way Heartland Region.
•        Seek continuing career development and education in all forms to assist in the role of the Executive Director.
•        Carryout monthly activities as outlined in Structure of Operational Processes.
•        Implement duties as set forth by Executive Committee.

Marketing and Public Relations

•        Promote public understanding of the United Way by effective use of media; directing a public relations program; and conveying United Way p
olicies and positions to business leaders, government, other human service agencies, and community at large.
•        Take a leadership role in public relations for the organization.
•        Develop and implement a media plan including social media and website.
•        Enhance public understanding and support of United Way through a coordinated year-round communication program consisting of regular m
eetings with contributing businesses and organizations as well as funded organizations.
•        Take an active role in the creation and dissemination of promotional materials.

Strategic Planning
•        Assist the volunteer leadership in the development of long-range plans to provide direction and guidance to the activities and function of the U
nited Way.
•        Identify and recommend options for improvements in organizational decisions and actions.

Volunteer Development
•        Develop and assist in volunteer development program by aiding in the recruitment and by providing training and orientation for the United W
ay Board Members and volunteers.
•        Provide effective support to volunteers and the board by providing accurate and timely information.

Minimum Qualifications

Education & Experience
•        Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited university is preferred.
•        Solid background in nonprofit/service organizations is highly preferred.
•        Experience in fundraising highly preferred.
•        Experience with Quickbooks

•        Strong public speaking skills.
•        Ability to build and cultivate relationships with donors, leaders, board members, and volunteers.
•        Excellent written and oral communication skills and superior interpersonal skills.
•        Ability to develop and monitor budgets preferred but not required.
•        Working knowledge of community needs, including the most critical challenges facing children/youth, families and senior citizens.
•        Ability to organize multiple activities in an efficient manner.


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