United Way Heartland Region’s mission is to make an IMPACT in our community and to make a
difference in the lives of others.  We are a local non-profit organization funded by thousands of
individuals and businesses that generously share with their community by contributing to the annual
United Way Campaign.  United Way Heartland Region of Huron is an organization of local volunteers
that in turn reaches out to other organizations/programs with financial support for services that make
lasting changes in the lives of children, adults, youth, and families in the Huron Area.

In reviewing applications for the United Way Grant, the United Way Heartland Region is most
interested in programs that will improve life within the Huron community.  Examples of programs that
focus on improving life in the community would include: Nurturing Children, Strengthening Families,
Enriching the Lives of Seniors, Increasing Self Sufficiency, Promoting Health and Healing, and
Providing Emergency Services.  Programs focused around the core areas of Education, Income,
and Health and those that impact a broad constituency in the region and programs requesting
funding operational expenses rather than capital expenses are given preference.

Organizations requesting a grant must demonstrate the need it addresses are not already being met
in the region.  United Way Heartland Region encourages cooperation among existing entities in the

Questions may be directed to Rhonda Kludt at 352-3537 or